About DIGITRANS 2018

With technology across the globe changing its role from being a support function to a business driver and enabler, the way organizations think and act on digital transformation as a subject has evolved. As we at MIT Sloan Management Review GCC and Khaleej Times like to call it, it is no more about digital transformation, it is about digital maturity. While technology and digital transformation has been on the CXO’s agenda for quite some time now, only a handful of companies are positioned to gain advantage compared to their competitors.

Pursuing digital transformation to simply keep pace with competition is no longer enough. Success isn’t even about strengthening or bettering your company. Digital transformation has the power to fundamentally change your industry and business model. Moreover it’s not a onetime process but an ongoing struggle to stay ahead.

With the global digital transformation market growth to exceed $431 billion by 2021, it is imperative that the businesses and governments ensure that this is a topic of constant discussion. From cloud computing to big data, mobility to social media and from Artificial Intelligence to block chain, technology is creating new ecosystems and redefining how industry and processes work.

The 2nd edition of the successful DIGITRANS 2018 is back with its eyes set on changing the way a knowledge sharing and networking platform is organized. From talking about how technology will impact your business and what you need to do, to creating an atmosphere where you are at your relaxed best and interact with your peers, the summit will be synonymous with technology leaders across the region.

If you feel digitizing your services and processes is enough than you are in for a surprise. As Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum says, “In the race for excellence there is no finish line”. Similarly the more involved you get with technology the less you feel you have done. Through DIGITRANS, we will ensure that it is the breeding ground for future ideas for businesses to implement when it comes to technology.

DIGITRANS as a platform goes beyond why and tells you how. Offering actionable knowledge for strategy, organizational roadmap, and innovation-based opportunities.


It spending in MENA to touch $155 billion in 2018

2018 is all set to see the highest spending on IT in the last 3 years for the MENA region as companies focusing more on customer service, enterprise resource planning and better processes.

Public Cloud spending to reach $2 billion by 2020

MENA region spent $1.2 billion in 2017 which is set to reach up to $2 billion by 2020 as organizations and governments target better efficiency, cost savings and ability to be receptive to change in a smooth manner

84% of the companies believe that digital transformation is critical to their survival

With wide-spread inertia within organizations being a major concern, it has become the talk of the town that “why companies can’t act while they know they need to get rid of legacy systems”.

72% of the CIOs are trying to balance business innovation and operational excellence

The struggle is real for the CIOs as they are try and find a match between the expectations and the reality of what is possible without compromising on the outcome


  • Digital strategies for the C-suite
  • Planning & Investments for a digital transformation program
  • Advanced analytics and cloud computing
  • Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence
  • Social media and mobile
  • Technology driven process for operational excellence
  • Multi-channel and cross-functional
  • Role of big data in digital transformation
  • Establishing a culture of innovation
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and its applications


Exclusive C-suite Panel

The decision makers themselves on what are their thoughts about how technology is important to their business as they lay out their future strategy

Premium Networking

Explore business opportunities and potential tie-ups with global technology success partners that will put your organization on the path of sustainable profits

Digital Leader Awards:

The best way to send a strong message in support of anything that is gaining a foothold in the market is to recognize the pioneers and visionaries who led from the front when the others were hesitant.

Exclusive content & case-studies

The best in the business from across the globe with the best of the content that will make for the unique experience and leave you envisioning the future of your business

Empowering focus sessions:

Reducing the knowledge gap by specifically focusing on topics that form the core of digital transformation