Ghaith Rahman

Dr Daniel Daoust

1. 5 years from now, how do you think digital transformation will affect your industry business operations?

It has already started; most companies are not catching up to it. More importantly, digital transformation is often confused with organizational disruption, the two are very different and C-level execs need to understand the difference.

2. Digital Transformation is an ongoing phenomenon. Your thoughts?

Naturally, we are knocking on the doors of the 4th industrial revolution and facing a massive automation wave that we are still trying to comprehend its impact.

3. Over the past few years, which other sectors have been able to successfully migrate operations into digital space according to you, and what lessons would you want to take away from them.

I want to use an unpopular example, finance and banking. While the sector arguably jumped on the digital wave early on, they are yet to realize the real disruption coming ahead. This sector will most likely be a utility.

4. What is the most significant challenge in digital transformation across industry?

Understanding why we are going digital? Is it enough? Do we need to make larger leaps to achieve our strategy? Digital transformation shouldn’t be a target, rather a utility or means to an end.

5. How do you think participants will benefit by attending the third edition of DIGITRANS 2019?

Get exposed to how governments and multinationals leverage technology and how technology disruption will shape their future.

6. Would the conventional way of measuring the performance of your industry change with a Digital adoption and transformation?

To some extent yes. Early adopters of technology usually, provided its managed strategically, could gain a competitive edge

7. What happens to the People, would the Oldies fit in well with the Millennials and what happens to the culture of the organization then?

If we can train coal miners to become coders, we can and have the obligation to do the same with the “oldies”. The organization can benefit from their wide set of experience and wealth of knowledge, we just need to bridge the technology gap (if it exists)

8. Who is your competition in your industry?

Any innovation ecosystems building on disruptive technology and business models