Dr. Jalal S. Alowibdi

Dr Daniel Daoust

1. Years from now, how do you think digital transformation will affect your industry business operations?

It is going to affect the performance positively by transforming all the non-menaing task to meaningful purposes of tasks.

2. Digital Transformation is an ongoing phenomenon. Your thoughts?

It is a must thing to be adopted by any organizations. Therefore, every organization must be digitally transformed to be up to date with others and to compete and survive.

3. Over the past few years, which other sectors have been able to successfully migrate operations into digital space according to you, and what lessons would you want to take away from them.

Banks are always digitally upgraded and up to date and they succeed much compared to other sectors.

4. What is the most significant challenge in digital transformation across industry?

- Leadership believes (or top management acceptance).

- Organization resistance to change.

- The poor analytic calculation to the digital transformation and the lack of clear vision

- Employee resistance to change.

5. How do you think participants will benefit by attending the third edition of DIGITRANS 2019?

They will benefit from the expert speakers by discussing their challenges in digital transformation in their institutions.

6. Would the conventional way of measuring the performance of your industry change with a Digital adoption and transformation

The best way to measure the performance by applying the smart dashboards that tell the institute to befoe and after (smart dashboards are different from one to another it depends on the required need in your digital transformation).

7. What happens to the People, would the Oldies fit in well with the Millennials and what happens to the culture of the organization then?

We learn from them and help them to be part of this change and never ignore them.

8. Who is your competition in your industry?

All the governments' institute are our competition.